Traffic Unit

The traffic unit’s primary responsibility is to insure the safety of the motoring public within Williamson County. The traffic unit is responsible for the enforcement of all applicable traffic laws and ordinances of both the State of Tennessee and Williamson County. In addition traffic unit deputies are responsible for working the vast majority of traffic crashes within Williamson County.

The WCSO Traffic Unit is responsible for many traffic-related law enforcement functions including dignitary and funeral escorts, focused radar, and intensified traffic enforcement. The Traffic Unit also participates in community parades and special events.

The traffic deputy investigates all traffic complaints made to the sheriff’s office, works all traffic-related details, and other major events with traffic being an area of concern. During a shift, traffic unit deputies also respond to assist patrol deputies who may be assigned to a call that requires the assistance of additional personnel.

Deputies assigned to the Traffic Unit receive advanced training in crash investigation and reconstruction. They also receive additional training in roadway incident management, child safety seats, DUI detection and DUI Checkpoint Management.

The Traffic Unit is responsible for Public Education, as a tool to reduce crashes and other traffic related incidents. This includes the deployment of speed trailers, highway signs, social media releases of educational material and school and citizen group presentations.

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Motorcycle Crashes
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