Crime Stoppers (615) 794-4000

Williamson County Crime Stoppers is made up of a board of civilian volunteers co-ordinated through the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office Crime Prevention Division. It serves all the communities in Williamson County including. Franklin, Fairview, Nolensville, College Grove, Triune, Arlington, Thompson Station and Spring Hill.

Crime Stoppers can be extremely beneficial in combating the crime problem. It is an effective resource in which private citizens join together with law enforcement to solve difficult crimes.

Often citizens do not contact the police with information that could help solve a crime out of fear that if they reveal their own identity they would expose themselves or their family to acts of retaliation by the criminal.

Through Crime Stoppers citizens who have knowledge of a specific crime are encouraged to contact the police with this information. Crime Stoppers allows any citizen to come forward with information and remain anonymous. The citizen is assured that their identity is protected and that any information reported will be utilized. Citizens are issued a code number that will be used to identify them. This code number is used to inquire on the status of the reported crime and collect reward money.

Crimes Stoppers objectives are to furnish law enforcement agencies with information about criminal activity that would otherwise be unobtainable and to motivate public involvement with law enforcement efforts.

Williamson County Crime Stoppers will pay up to $1000 for information called into 794-4000 that leads to an arrest and indictment. Callers will remain anonymous, they will only be known by the code number they are issued.

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Crime Stoppers

What should I do if I witness a crime in progress?

Please call 911 or your emergency dispatch.  Crime Stoppers is NOT for active, in-progress crimes.

What information will I need if I collect reward money?

You will need the tip number provided to you by the P3 site. YOU MUST HAVE THIS AVAILABLE TO CLAIM THE REWARD. If you cannot provide the number, the reward will not be granted. No exceptions.

How do I know if my tip is eligible for a reward?

Once an arrest is made, the arresting officer/agency will inform the Crime Stoppers coordinator of the tip that was used to make the arrest. The coordinator will then use the P3 two-way dialog feature to inform the tipster.

Are there any limitations on the types of tips Crime Stoppers can accept?

No. All crime types are able to be submitted.

Can I submit tips about crimes in other areas or jurisdictions?

YES. We can forward tips to other counties and states if needed.

How can I check the status of a tip I have submitted?

You can check your tip status by using the username and password provided to you when the tip was submitted to log into the P3 site to check your tip status.

Can I provide additional information about a tip I have submitted?

Yes. When you have submitted a tip, you will be given a unique tip number and password. You must use these to log in to the site if you want to update your tip yourself online, or you can provide them to an operator when you call in.
If you do not have this information, you cannot update your tip.

Are my personal details safe when I provide a tip?

Yes. No personal details will ever be asked for when submitting a tip.

What happens after I submit a tip to Crime Stoppers?

Your tip will be reviewed and forwarded to the needed parties/agencies.

Is there a time limit for reporting a crime to Crime Stoppers?

No. Tips can be submitted 24/7.

Can I report a crime to Crime Stoppers online?

YES. Using the link above, or tipsters can download the P3 Tips app for their smartphone.

Are there rewards for providing tips to Crime Stoppers?

Yes, but only tips that result in the successful arrest of offender(s) are eligible.

Are tips to Crime Stoppers anonymous?

YES. Crime Stoppers will never ask for personal information when submitting a tip. It is completely anonymous.

Will I be implicated in the crime?


How can I submit a tip to Crime Stoppers?

You can use our online tip site ( If you are not comfortable with using a computer, you can call 615-794-4000 and submit your tip to an operator over an anonymous line.

Will I be asked to testify?


What do I have to do to receive my reward?

If the case leads to an arrest and indictment, call in and give your number and decide on a meeting place.

What types of crimes can I report to Crime Stoppers?

Any crime can be reported.