Crime Prevention

Deputies who are particularly passionate about protecting and supporting our youth comprise this division. They bring law enforcement resources, mentorship, and security to our children and educators. Our SROs maintain a daily presence within two public school systems: Williamson County Schools and Franklin Special School District. The start of the school year in August saw the division safekeeping a combined 53,465 total students and staff across 58 schools. Franklin Special School District recognized the SROs working in their schools via a social media post at the time: “If you haven’t heard us brag about our SROs, let’s be clear – these men and women allow us to move through our day with the peace of knowing someone is watching out over us! Thank you @WCSOSheriff for providing these heroes for us!”


SRO and Crime Prevention

What are the duties of an SRO in Williamson County Schools?

The basic duties of the SROs include creating awareness for law enforcement education related to school safety, monitoring those who visit schools, providing assistance for disruptive students, and enforcing applicable laws.

Are deputies that are assigned to WCS schools, employees of Williamson County Schools?

At all times during their duties, deputies are employees of Williamson County Sheriff’s Office and shall not be considered employees of Williamson County Schools.

Are SROs involved in school discipline?

The SRO shall not act as a school disciplinarian, nor make decisions regarding school discipline. Deputies shall not be involved in the enforcement of discipline infractions that do not constitute violations of the law.

Are you a real deputy and can you arrest people?

Yes, all School Resource Officers are Tennessee Post Certified Law Enforcement Officers and sworn deputies with law enforcement duties. Think of SROs just like any other deputies you might see, just their primary assignment is to serve and protect the schools they are assigned to.

What is the best part of working in the schools?

Working with and helping the kids of Williamson County. Building healthy relationships that will make a positive change is a vital part of the role an SRO plays in the school environment. It not only plays a vital role within the school but also in the Williamson County community.

Did you have to go to college to become a deputy?

Although preferred, no college is needed to begin work at the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office.

How do you become a School Resource Officer?

At the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office, the path to becoming a School Resource Officer begins with a deputy working in the corrections division until an opportunity to interview for other divisions occurs. Upon selection from the corrections division, that deputy will then be assigned to the field training program and the Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy to become a Tennessee Post Certified Law Enforcement Officer. Additionally, we hire certified law enforcement officers from other departments and states.