Meet the Sheriff

June 1, 2023 marked my 45th year with this office. I am proud to simultaneously lead this agency and be its longest serving active employee. I’m fortunate that a handful of employees who joined around the same time I did are still here serving with me. Others are still active in law enforcement elsewhere, like Commissioner Jeff Long and Nolensville Police Chief Roddy Parker. But, as the saying goes, the more things change, the more they stay the same. We are always fighting to maintain competitive pay. We are always seeking technology that helps us do our jobs more efficiently and keep up with criminals’ innovation. Our local agencies still work together to solve crime, because criminals don’t care about jurisdictions. So yes, I think about that sheriff’s office of 1979 – a couple dozen employees in that small brick building with very little equipment or training but plenty of enthusiasm for the work. I think about the sheriff’s office – my office – of today: several hundred employees spread out among five buildings until the newly planned sheriff’s office and jail can be built. The new, larger jail will account for projected population growth in the area, and the new sheriff’s office will rejoin our personnel under one roof with space for admin offices, a K-9 training facility, an updated gun range, a helicopter launch pad, and a renovated special ops space. Today’s deputies drive safer vehicles equipped with dash cams, mapping, and MDTs. They use body cams, cell phones, Tasers, portable AEDs and other lifesaving equipment and medicine. They get good equipment. They get good training. And yes, they too, have enthusiasm for the work. I’m excited to see where we are today. I’m excited to see where we go tomorrow. I hope you are too!

Sheriff Robert “Dusty” Rhoades