Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch is a crime prevention program, which in simplest terms, amounts to neighbors being neighbors. A Neighborhood Watch can be organized by any community where residents concerned about crime and other community problems identify the need to have an organized means of keeping an eye on their community.

Neighborhood Watch is particularly well suited to urbanized neighborhoods and higher density suburban areas such as subdivisions. It is somewhat less suitable for rural areas due to the relatively poor house-to-house visibility in these areas, although there have been a number of very successful programs.

Most often, Neighborhood Watch groups are formed in response to an acute increase in a particular crime, such as residential burglary. They can also arise from a sudden increase in community concern about crime generally, or a long-needed arousal of public sentiment toward eliminating other long-standing community problems. Well-run Neighborhood Watch groups have often helped law enforcement reduce and prevent burglary, theft, and other community problems

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