Crime Prevention

Zach Taylor is the Crime Prevention Deputy for the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office. The Crime Prevention Deputy has several duties within the Sheriff’s Office. One of the main duties within the position is the creation of Neighborhood Watch programs. Neighborhood Watch Program have been statistically to help lower criminal activity in areas where they are maintained and constant. Neighborhood Watch Programs also aid local law enforcement agencies in reporting criminal activity and building the law enforcement/community relationship. If you are interested in forming a neighborhood watch for your community, please email Deputy Taylor to set up a meeting or to get more information.

Another duty of the Crime Prevention Deputy is public education. Deputy Taylor visits the county public schools of Williamson County, teaching both students and attending adults several areas that are of great importance. The subjects taught include Litter Prevention Education, Bike/Public Safety, Internet Safety, Elderly Citizen Scam Awareness, and a breakdown of the Sheriff’s Office. Deputy Taylor also teaches to younger children in the county and participates in educational events such as Career Days and Story-Time Readings.

The third aspect of the Crime Prevention Deputy within the Sheriff’s Office is public relations/community events. The Williamson County Sheriff’s Office is highly involved with community events ranging from local events to the Williamson County Fair. A booth is set up at these events, and deputies hand out free items to the attending patrons while answering questions about the duties of the Sheriff’s Office and other law enforcement questions.

Please contact Deputy Zach Taylor if you have any questions or if you would like to request a meeting for more information. Email: