There is not a central repository for public records in Tennessee.  A public record request should be submitted to the governmental entity (or entities) believed to be the records custodian. The Office of Open Records Counsel is not a clearinghouse for public records.

All governmental entities subject to the Tennessee Public Records Act are required to have a public records policy that sets forth the process for requesting access to public records, the process for responding to requests, a statement of any fees charged for copies of public records, and the name and title of the entity’s Public Record Request Coordinator (PRRC).

The PRRC for any governmental entity should be familiar with this policy and should be able to assist with requests to access public records from that governmental entity. Depending on the governmental entity’s public records policy and the nature of the request, you may be required to submit the request in writing or on a specific form, and the governmental entity may require presentation of government-issued identification.